About Tuana

Tuana AB is owned and run by me, Tuana Aziz. I was born in 1987 in Slemani, northern Iraq, but me and my family moved to Sweden when I was nine years old. Now, I live in Skövde and have been working as a photographer since 2007.

I shoot everything from weddings to commercials, but I also work a lot on various personal projects. I think this is important in order to keep your creativity flowing. My latest project is the art book, The Last Princess, released in Mars 2013. All pictures in this book are solely shot and edited using my iPhone, to show that it is possible to create photographic art with any camera. I also teach photography courses and volunteers at Pecha Kucha, which is a global show-and-tell event where creative people get together to share ideas and inspire each other.

How everything started

I have always been interested in visuals and loved to express myself through shapes and colors, but it was not until high school that my interest in photography started to grow. It was during this time that I first came into contact with photography and I immediately felt that it was something for me. Unfortunately, I have never been much of a painter, so the camera became my tool for artistic expression. During evenings and weekends, I worked at a call center to be able to save money to buy a system camera. My first camera, a Canon EOS 350 D, was bought in 2007 and this was also the year when I started the company Tuana Photography.

At this time, I did not know much about photography, so I basically learned to take pictures through trial and error. I worked as a photographer at parties and nightclubs during weekends, mostly to earn money for new equipment. When my photography skills improved, I got more and more bookings and eventually I started to dream about working as a photographer full-time.

Tuana Photography became Tuana Art

When I was done with high school, I studied photography for one year and learned a lot about both analog and digital photography. At this time, I could not earn a living from photography alone, so I decided to study at Gothenburg University to become a teacher. Two years later, I got a job as a media teacher at IT-Gymnasiet in Skövde, but still worked part-time as a photographer. In June 2011, I was awarded the prize IT-pedagogiska priset for creating a web forum, where students could share ideas to inspire each other.

In 2011, the company’s name changed to Tuana Art. The reason for this was that I now worked with more things than just photography. Besides photography, I also made homepages and in the beginning of 2012, I created How2 Edit, an app that shows how you can edit your pictures in various iPhone photo apps.

My dream came true

The incomes I got from working as a teacher made it possible for me to expand my business and in 2012, I quit my job as a teacher and decided to work on my company Tuana Art full time. I have never regretted this decision. Today, my dream has come true – I have a job that makes me wake up happy every morning, a job in which I can use my creativity and a job in which I meet new people and challenges every day.

This was a little about me and some background information about how the company Tuana Art was founded. Please, look around at my homepage or read more about my projects at my photo blog.