Update 20130209: Mango Fashion and Tuana Art has agreed a good solution for both parties. As Mango self mentioned they will not continue to sell the T-Shirt. And I still own the rights to the image. And will release my book The Last Princess in time. Thank you for all the support Instagramers, Twitter and Facebook friends!

I think my case with Mango have proven that there are very friendly people in the world. Just hours after I asked for help. My friends all over the world helped me to get in touch with Mango. Especially all the friends on Instagram.

My project The Last Princess is among the most beautiful thing I’ve created. And I hope I can release my book in time.

I’m negotiating with Mango now. I’ve given them a proposal and am waiting for a response from them. Mango has been nice to me and has taken this incident seriously. I think this is nice of them.

That said I do not know where this will lead, but I hope Mango takes my proposal and take responsibility for this.

Tuana Fridén

Vem äger bilden? Mango Fashion Tuana Fridén

Jay Aston wearing the Mango T-shirt with my image on BBC

I think many British people saw my picture on the BBC yesterday (2013-05-05-17). I wonder if Jay Aston knows the story about the T-shirt she wears.

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